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  Rectangle & Square Bevels
  Diamond & Triangle Bevels
  Circle & Oval Bevels
  House Bevels
  Other Bevel Shapes
  Blue Bevels
  Green Bevels
  Peach Bevels

Bevel Clusters
  Action Bevel Clusters Pg 1
  Action Bevel Clusters Pg 2

  American Bevel Clusters Pg 1
  American Bevel Clusters Pg 2
  American Bevel Clusters Pg 3
  American Bevel Clusters Pg 4

  CH Series Clusters Pg 1

  Flower Bevel Clusters

  Frame & Corner Clusters
  Circular and Oval Frame Clusters

  GST Bevel Clusters Pg 1
  GST Bevel Clusters Pg 2
  More Nature Bevel Clusters

  HGC Bevel Clusters

  Holiday Bevel Clusters

  Glue Chip Bevel Clusters

  Infinity Bevel Clusters Pg 1
  Infinity Bevel Clusters Pg 2
  Infinity Bevel Clusters Pg 3
  Infinity Bevel Clusters Pg 4

  Miscellaneous Small Clusters
  Miscellaneous Medium Clusters

  P Series Clusters Pg 1

  Sports Clusters

  Super Bevel Clusters

  Thompson Bevel Clusters

  Aanraku Books
  Fusing Books

Copper Foil


  Confetti System 96
  Frit System 96
  Noodles System 96
  Bullseye Stringers coe 90
  Molds for Jewelry
  Molds for Slumping & Draping
  Jewelry Findings
  Miscellaneous Fusing Supplies
  System 96 Glass page 1

  Clear Textures
  Spectrum page 1
  Spectrum page 2
  Spectrum page 3
  Miscellaneous Glass
  System 96 Glass page 1

   Round Faceted
   Rnd Double Faceted
   Round Smooth
   Oval & Pointed Oval
   Tear Drop
   Swirly &Other Jewels
   Mirror Backed
   High Profile
   Moon Jewels

Lamp Patterns & Forms
  Worden 7 inch Diameter
  Worden 10 inch Diameter
  Worden 11 inch Diameter
  Worden 13 inch Diameter
  Worden 16 inch Diameter Globe
  Worden 16 inch Diameter Cone
  Worden 18 inch Wisteria Shaped
  Worden 18 inch Lotus Shaped
  Worden 18 inch Modified Cone
  Worden 19 inch Globe
  Worden 20 inch Cone
  Worden 20 inch Modified Cone
  Worden 20 inch With Crown
  Worden 24 inch
  Worden Pool Table

Lamp Hardware

Lead, Solder & Zinc


Night Lights &
Fan Lamps

  Terra pg 1
  Terra pg 2
  C. Kyle pg 1
  C. Kyle pg 2
  C. Kyle pg 3
  C. Kyle pg 4
  C. Kyle pg 5
  C. Kyle pg 6
  C. Kyle pg 7
  C. Kyle pg 8
  J. Miller pg 1
  J. Miller pg 2
  Aurora pg 1

Pattern CDs
  Paned Expressions Pattern CDs

  Misc. Tools
  Glass Grinders
  Soldering Irons

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stained glass jewel J1R

Welcome to our website! Along with our other stained glass supplies, you will find a large and growing selection of stained glass jewels. Our glass jewels are handmade in Europe. Glass rods are placed in a special furnace. When the end of a rod become molten, it is placed and squeezed in a special set of pliers. This end has the shape of the jewel that is going to be created. Each facet is later hand polished and the bottom of each jewel is ground flat. Our large selection of shapes, sizes, and colors presents you with many wonderful options in designing and can add that extra touch of brilliance to your windows.

Some jewels shown on these pages are not in stock, but may be available. They are shown with an "email us" link. You can email us about the ones in question. We will check for availablilty and write back to you. We have no minimum order, so even if you are only looking for 1 jewel, feel free to write to us.

All jewels shown with an "Add to Cart" button are in stock and available for immediate shipment. You may order online using using your credit card , or you may mail your order with a check, or money order. We ship fast! Glass jewel orders will be shipped within 1-2 days by Priority or 1st Class Mail..

Check back often! We are continually adding more jewels!

Shipping charges are a flat fee of only $5.95! (continental US only - other locations please email us at hubel@harmonyglass.com first).

We offer a 30 day return privilege on all orders. Returns of non-defective merchandise are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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Our Mission: to supply the stained glass artist with a large selection of stained glass jewels at reasonable prices.